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Custom home testimonials PA


We are proud of what our customers say about us. Following are a few letters we've received from just a handful of our custom home clients. We firmly believe that what people say is a strong testament to the way our customers are treated throughout the home-building process.

Dear Gerald,

Thank you for helping to make our dream home a reality. The entire experience from initial design to closing was very enjoyable for our family. I know from being in the construction business that not all contractors are as particular or concerned with the quality of the finished product. Your reputation for quality workmanship and detail was evident throughout the entire building process through your project manager’s supervision and willingness to go the extra mile. Abbey and I are very appreciative of the honesty and integrity that we felt working with you.
Thanks again for a great job and we are looking forward to many enjoyable years in our new home.

Steve and Abbey

Dear Gerald,

It is with extreme pleasure that I am writing to thank you for the wonderful renovation work on our home. After many years of consideration and anticipation we decide to go ahead with our kitchen renovation and we are very happy and grateful that we made the right decision to have the Graham Company handle the job.

From the initial consultations to the final days of the project, we were satisfied with your company. The end result is a beautiful, spacious kitchen and the process was much less painful that we had expected. Your employees and sub-contractors are absolutely the best and they always worked in a professional and efficient manner. They were always pleasant to have around!

Special thanks go to the project manager. He was personable, efficient and very knowledgeable. He went out of his way to make sure that the work was perfect and he spent a lot of time listening to my concerns. He handled the few problems we had in a calm and efficient way. And the whole kitchen project was done weeks in advance. You had promised that I would have my kitchen done for thanksgiving and your project manager made sure that everything was perfect to our specifications weeks early. He was a joy to work with. I would recommend your company to anyone considering a building project, mainly based on your wonderful works and their expertise.

All in all, the success of our kitchen remodel has given us the renovation bug, and we look forward to working with your company on our next project. Thanks so much.


Dear Potential Client of Norman Graham Construction,

You may be in the position that we were about a year ago, shopping for a builder for your new home. It may be one of the most important decisions you and your family will make. We had an advantage when it came to choosing a builder because we were already in the community. My wife, Connie, is a State Farm agent in Lancaster. Her office is near Hartman Station and Waterford - two locations where Graham was already building. She had asked one of her customers, a retired builder, who he felt was the best builder in Lancaster. Without hesitation, he said "Norman Graham."

Since it was such a large financial decision, however, we did interview and talk with another builder who was also well-known in the finer developments of Lancaster. Right from the start there was no comparison. The Grahams demonstrated their professionalism and concern to meet our needs to a much higher degree than their competitor. We went with Graham.

Designer, Gerald Graham, visited the property to get a vision of how the house should be laid out. He then took our concepts and wish list to develop an initial design. He made suggestions and then incorporated our "must haves" into what we consider to be a perfect plan for us. It is a new experience for us to be living in a home that was designed just for us.

Because building was a new experience for us, family and friends quickly offered their advice. They warned us to be vigilant at the site to find mistakes early so that they could be corrected. We had one relative that lived through a nightmare of bankruptcy with her builder. The warnings were appreciated but highly unnecessary while working with Graham. There were no mistakes to correct. We found that Graham carefully selects their crews and subcontractors. Every person that walked on to the site was a consummate professional that wanted only to be certain they completed their portion of the project to our satisfaction.

There was never a real concern over the financial soundness of Norman Graham Construction. Their professional office is evidence of their stability. In addition, the esteem that they hold within the community is further proof that they have not only been a strong presence in Lancaster County, but they will continue to be so far in the future.

We could go on and on. The painters took such pride and precision in their work. The tile installer who we called "the work-aholic" because once he started, he would not stop. The plumber who made suggestions that will save us future problems. The masons took our rough sketch of our dream fireplace and turned it into a dramatic work of art. The geo-thermal expert that invited us to his house to see his unit and who personally came to the job site to supervise the installation. There are far too many special teams and people to list individually. But all of their efforts were appreciated.

We wish you much happiness with your new home. We would be pleased to talk to you personally if you have any questions or concerns,

John and Connie


Now that the move is over and the dust is starting to settle, I thought it time to write a few lines to thank you and all the associates affiliated with Norman Graham for a job well done.

When we decided to explore selling our property and having a new home built, we had no idea things were going to happen so fast. We visited your Parade of Homes house at Hartman Station and were impressed with the quality and attention to detail.

At our first meeting with you it was very apparent that if we were going to build, your organization was the one that was going to do it. And, soon into the project, we realized that we had made the correct choice. Everyone we dealt with was very courteous, helpful professional. All the subcontractors were very high on Graham Inc. and knew the expectations they were to live up to. They all said we had made a wise choice of builders, but we already knew that.

From a newspaper clipping of a house plan through design to actual construction, it was a very pleasant experience.

D. says this is it, we are never building another house, but if we did it would be Graham doing the construction. To us it is very apparent the pride you take in your work and the quality expectations you have of your subcontractors.

Gerald, thank all your team for making our dream a reality-we love our new home. And, please stop and see us and bring a perspective client if you wish.

Again, thanks for a job well done!

Dawn & Bill Lancaster, PA

Dear Gerald,

When Tom had his accident in 2003 that left him as a wheelchair user, we were faced with many challenges. One of the greatest was being in a home that was not accessible for him. As we considered our options, we knew we had to build a home and create an environment in which he could live to his fullest.

Having you as our builder for that home has been our good fortune. From the early days when we were considering you as a builder, your personalization to each client was evident. Having never built a home before, we were naive in many things. You were responsive to every inquiry. You honored our every concern and suggestion. You gave us thoughtful ideas we would not have considered to make the house more personal for our needs.

As we entered the decision process, I was overwhelmed with the idea of building a house. We have heard so many negatives from friends about contractors. I was especially hesitant knowing that much of the work would fall on me with Tom's limitations.

In retrospect, I am amazed at how easy you made this for us. You kept us informed. Your experience and knowledge guided us through many uncertainties we had. You were efficient, on course and steady. Because of your good planning and foresight, there were no horrible "surprises" that one often hears about with other builders.

From the day the ground was opened, we could see the quality of your personnel. As we visited the site and interacted with your subs, it was evident that you hire only the best. The vendors you selected for appliances and lighting are first class. Bareville Furniture was outstanding with their suggestions and assistance in selections.

And, of course, the project manager is a "national treasure." I could not have survived without him. Every phone call is answered immediately. Every wish granted. Every concern checked out immediately.

Now we are in our home and we love it every day. We are still discovering Norman Graham "touches" that are those little extras that distinguish you as a first class builder.

Thank you for making our lives easier and more enjoyable. We know we will enjoy our home for many years to come.

Sandra & Tom East Earl, PA

Gerald and the Norman L. Graham Inc. team:

My wife and I wanted to write this testimonial to the outstanding quality of the home you built us and the incredible customer service provided over the entire process.

This is not the first home we built so we understood the process we were about to undertake. We were a little nervous because our first experience was not the best, to say the least. From the very first meeting with Gerald we were impressed with how genuine his interest in the ideas of our dream home were and equally impressed with his ability to coordinate colors, patterns, shapes and sizes. Gerald's ability to capture our thoughts and ideas on paper was incredible and the further into the process we went the more excited we became. This will end up being the largest investment we will ever make both emotionally and financially and after the initial meeting we knew we were at the right place and in good hands. Every time we would leave Gerald's office we found ourselves saying "boy that was easy"!

As I sit here writing this letter, I realize I could go on and on with praise about our new Norman L. Graham, Inc. home. The best advice I could ever give anyone who chooses to go down the road of building their dream home is to stop by and see Gerald. It will be the best move you could make and as my wife and I see it… life changing.

In closing, I think it important to point out that we have been in our home for almost a year and without fail the phone rang and it was none other than the Graham’s project manager. He was doing his one year follow-up to see if there were any adjustments that needed to be made. There were a few minor "fixes"; I gave him the list and he immediately went to work. Customer service is as good now as it was in the beginning; a rarity in today's environment.

Gerald, our home is always open to you and your team. I would be most honored to show any prospective client the magic you make reality!
With most sincere appreciation,

Jamie & Lora Lancaster, PA