Upcoming Home Trends: What’s In, and What’s Out

Home décor and design varies from year to year. Styles, colors, and trends come and go constantly; if you’re looking to redesign or upgrade your home in the next year, you should know what styles are here to stay. At Norman Graham, we like to stay up-to-date on what’s trending in the design world so that you get the home you’ve always dreamed of.

Kitchen Trends

an open kitchen with island bar

For as long as we can remember, kitchen design has been one of the main focuses of any home renovation or custom build. For several years now, the all-white, clean, sterile look has been exceedingly popular, overshadowing the once-popular dark cabinetry and faux-marble laminate countertops. Today’s designs, however, are starting to pull away from the white-on-white trend and incorporate more nuanced textures and natural, rustic features.

It’s a fact: 75% of home buyers will prioritize a luxurious, high-end kitchen over other aspects of the home, such as a spacious master bath or walk-in closets. The newest rustic-meets-clean trend in kitchen design seems to be a successful marriage of earlier “Old World” charm and more recent industrial, clean-cut designs.

bathroom with walk in shower and tub next to it

Bathroom Trends

While many homebuyers are prioritizing the kitchen over the master bathroom when looking for a new home, that doesn’t mean that the master bathroom is going completely unnoticed. Many buyers are looking to ditch the shower/tub combo made popular in the early 20th century in favor of free-standing porcelain tubs or standalone oversized showers, or sometimes even both.

Whole-Home Trends

As has been the norm since the mid 80’s, hardwood floors are dominating the industry over carpeting. Many homeowners prefer the easy, low-maintenance flooring because of an increased interest in pets getting their own space in a home. Animal-loving millennials are the buyers with the strongest feelings toward pets getting their own area, ranging from a cutout under the stairs all the way up to a whole extra bedroom.

One of the most important aspects of a new or updated home to potential buyers is having a “flex space”. 80% of homebuyers say that a home office is a must-have in their next home. While a blank slate is ideal for some, other buyers know exactly what they want in a flex space and prefer the space to be customized specifically for their hobby, such as designing a yoga studio or a game room with specialized built-in speakers.

Over the years, home styles and designs have morphed to fit the ever-changing needs and wants of potential buyers. Norman Graham understands the importance of designing with the buyer (or owner) in mind, and we have pledged to uphold our strong company values in order to bring you the home you’ve always wanted.

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