Top 5 Reasons to Remodel

Are you looking to convince yourself or your spouse that your home is in need of a remodeling job? Being the home remodeling experts that we are, we thought we’d help you come up with a list of some practical reasons to update your home. The list used in our blog here is of course backed by a survey, as it comes from the National Association of Home Builder’s Remodeling Market Index that was released this spring. This means you won’t even need to feel guilty about using the helpful information in this blog! Check out the top five reasons below, and feel free to share any of your own on our social pages.

    1. Basement Reading NookYou need newer and/or better amenities – Who wouldn’t love a walk-in closet, an island addition to the kitchen, a reading nook, or even smart technology that helps you save money?
    2. The old components are wearing out – You may decide it’s a good time to remodel if you need to repair or replace components in your home that have worn out, nd want to get everything done at once to save both time and money.

  1.  You need more space –Whether it’s just expanding your current kitchen space, or possibly adding another bathroom or bedroom, adding more space is always a great way to make the home feel new and larger.
  2. You don’t want to move or buy another home – If your family is growing and you are debating whether or not to purchase or build a new custom home, you may be able to extend the life of your home with a simple home renovation. Similar to expanding your space, you can add bathrooms, bedrooms, sunrooms, or finish the basement to make your living area more suitable to your current family size.
  3. You want to age in place – Perhaps you like your neighbors and neighborhood, or you are sentimental and have turned the house your home. You should be able to grow old in your home and enjoy the comforts that come with it for the extent of your time here. Moving or relocating isn’t an option if you’re this type of person, so a remodel is a great option.


If you’d like to host larger dinner parties, need to bring your kitchen or dining room out of the ‘70s, or simply need to add a bedroom for a new arrival, remodeling is an excellent solution to your problem. If you need help getting started or have any questions, all you need to do is contact us. The team at Norman Graham is here to help you along the way.