a remodeled bathroom

The Mid-Range Bathroom Remodel (Tier 2)

The nature of a custom bathroom remodeling project means that the price can vary greatly depending on what you are planning to get out of it. At Norman L Graham, we’ve put together a series of blogs to show several different ways you can go about a bathroom remodel, and have included a cost range for each. We’ve broken them into three tiers based on their cost, and will describe some of the typical features of each renovation.

before/after bathroom remodelThe second part of our series features the mid-range bathroom remodel. This looks at a bathroom renovation which typically would cost between $10,000 and $35,000. Depending how much you can do yourself, and the extent of your renovations, you can get the cost down to the lower end of that price range with a little more hands-on work on your part. You will need to consult with a combination of experts including a designer, plumber, tiler, and/or contractor to help you plan and manage the project, as well as make sure all permits are obtained. Be sure to give us a call to get started on this project and we can help you hit the ground running.

Typical features of a mid-range bathroom remodel might include:

  • before/after bathroom remodel - vanity areaUpdating the fixtures (higher-quality copper or bronze fixtures provide the quality that lasts much longer).
  • Replacing the hardware (better flowing and/or flushing toilets, chrome plumbing).
  • Adding new features like heated floor mats under flooring tile, his/her vanities, or even doing window treatments.
  • Cabinets suffer harsh treatment in the bathroom. Go with quality cabinets that will last in a wet environment, and consider glazed finishes instead of just stained alternatives.
  • Instead of cultured marble or low-end granite, you can go with a higher-grade remnant, quartzite, or custom marble, granite or quartz for your updated countertops.
  • Porcelain tile becomes a great option for a mid-range bathroom remodel. To go along with just doing the shower or bath area, you could tile the entire room, or you could also consider border or accent tiles to give it a “pop.”


Whatever is most important to you is what should be the priority for the mid-range bathroom remodel. You’ll be able to do a handful of these list options, and we’d recommend choosing quality parts that will last rather than going cheaper and covering more.

Of course if you need any help completing your project, our team here at Norman L Graham has decades’ worth of experience and is more than happy to help! We encourage you to check out some of the bathroom remodels or additions we completed for samples of our work. If you’re interested in a basic remodel you can check out our previous blog through the link provided. The expert bathroom remodel will be up shortly, so stay tuned to our blog here so you don’t miss it!