The Basic Bathroom Remodel (Tier 1)

The nature of a custom project means that the price can range greatly depending on what you are expecting to get out of it. We’ve put together a series of blogs to show several different ways you can go about a bathroom remodel and included a cost range for each. We’ve broken them into three tiers based on their cost, and will describe some of the typical features of each renovation.


Do you have a scary looking bathroom?

The first part of our series features the basic bathroom remodel. This looks at a lower cost renovation which typically would cost less than $10,000. Depending whether or not you choose to do some or all of it yourself, and the extent of your renovations, you can get the cost down to several hundred to a couple thousand dollars. Unless you are knowledgeable in the area of home design however, we recommend consulting with a designer or contractor to help you plan and manage the project.

Typical features of a basic bathroom remodel might include:

  • Updating the fixtures (lights, sinks, vanities, towel racks)
  • Adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls and cabinets
  • Redoing the countertops with lower cost materials such as cultured marble or low-end granite
  • tiles-248638_640Tiling the bath or shower area with vinyl, ceramic or white subway tiles is possible, but might be cheaper to use a preformedacrylic or fiberglass tub or shower
  • Sprucing up the grout and caulk work
  • Adding storage space, hooks or bars
  • Updating the flooring with lost cost materials such as vinyl wood planks
  • Replacing the hardware (door handles, toilet handles, cabinets)
  • Adding moldings


Mixing and matching the features from this list that are most important to you is the key to keeping your basic bathroom renovation within a low-cost budget range. While you won’t be able to move plumbing around in this price range, there’s plenty you can do to give your bathroom a new feel and look.

Of course if you need assistance completing your project the team here at Norman L Graham has decades’ worth of experience and is more than happy to help! We encourage you to check out some of the bathroom remodels or additions we completed for some other satisfied customers. If you’re interested in an intermediate or expert bathroom remodel, we encourage you to keep your eyes on our blog here for our next editions.