Summer Home Preparation Tips

barbecueEven though certain points this year may have made it seem that summer was already here, we’re still a few weeks away from the pool parties, BBQs, and camp-outs that accompany the summer season. Just as you would likely put a lot of time and effort into the preparation of your summer plans and gatherings, you want to do the same for your home.

We put together a list of some of the best home preparedness tips for the summer months, and encourage you to put some of these to use at your own home. This list will not only save you time, but also some money that you could use to put towards your next home renovation, remodel, or addition!

Indoor Tips

  • ceiling fanUtilize your fans – Rather than cooling the home or room down with your thermostat, the ceiling fan can actually do the job faster and cheaper, especially if you plan on staying in the same room. Make sure the blades are going counter-clockwise in the summer to help create the cooling effect.
  • Manage your blinds and use lighter colors – Keep the blinds closed during the day, and open them in the evenings to help keep your rooms cool. Don’t trap the warm air in with dark blinds, and the same goes for your linens!
  • Check for leaks – If you skipped this step in the winter, now is the time to make sure you aren’t wasting energy cooling the outdoors. Check your window and door seals!
  • Consider installing smart technology – We’ve previously told you about the benefits to using smart thermostats, water heaters, and even vents. Costs for these technologies continue to come down, so with tax credits and rebates it may be more affordable than you think.


Outdoor Tips

  • Clean or change filters – Make sure your air conditioning filters are clean so the unit operates at max capacity and avoid recirculating dust into your home.
  • Utilize a drying line – Why not put that warm weather to use and hang your clothes up to dry? Save the cost on your energy bill and put that sun to work for you.
  • clothes lineClean the furniture – Don’t forget to clean up and rinse off the patio furniture before you put it to use for another season.
  • Clean out the garage – This could save you precious vacation time later. Take the time to organize and clean up your garage so you don’t waste time hunting for that beach chair instead of heading off to the vacation getaway.
  • Get your pool and grill ready – Monitor your pH and chlorine levels in your pool to avoid that ugly green algae look. If you’re going to be entertaining with the grill all summer long, make sure you have everything you need including coals or propane.


This list will give you a good foundation to get your home ready for the summer weather. If you have your own tips to add, be sure to let us know on our social channels through the links at the bottom of the page. Enjoy the warmer weather everyone!