Smart Thermostats & Your Home Energy

Smart ThermostatEveryone has that room or region of their household that gets too hot or too cold depending on what time of year it happens to be. These uneven home temperatures not only can affect your comfort levels, but they can affect your wallet as well. Adjusting the thermostat to make sure every room is at the right level can be a burden, and can waste quite a bit of energy and money.

Enter smart thermostats, which have quickly improved and evolved since their introduction in 2011. In a time when everyone was looking to save money with the economic collapse and recession, a viable solution began to enter our homes.

For those of you unfamiliar with smart thermostats, these thermostats all look to improve the energy efficiency of the heating and cooling in your home, typically by using sensors, programmable technology, and even apps that integrate with your smartphone. These thermostats keep the heating or cooling off when no one is home or in the room, when you are asleep, and can kick them on shortly before you get home so you come home to a comfortable temperature. They can also stabilize that room or rooms in your home that tends to be hot or cold. These devices actually learn over time to automatically adjust themselves based on trends and patterns.

There are several variations you could choose from, and while they can be a bit costly upfront, starting around $250 for the main unit and going up for those that use sensors, estimates proclaim that you can see averages savings from $180-$400 a year or 13-23% of your energy bill.

If you are searching for a smart thermostat, the competition is stiff, and they all can offer different features, design, ease of use, and help and support. Some of the best options we’ve found are broken down below for you and include a helpful review from CNET or Top Ten Reviews.

Energy efficiency in your home has become even more important over the last couple of years, and smart thermostats look to be riding the wave of the future. Saving money is never a bad idea, and adding one of these smart thermostats to your home makes it easy.