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Simple Ways to Save Money While Building a Home

One of the most common questions any homebuilder gets is “How much does a custom home cost per square foot?” Well, it depends. Just as the price of a new car varies with options, a new home’s cost varies based on the features, layout, and materials selected. The good news is that this provides flexibility for experienced homebuilders like Norman Graham Builders to create your dream home within your targeted budget.

If you’re looking to build a new custom home, but are worried about exceeding your budget, read on for advice on some money-saving strategies. The great part about these tips is you won’t be compromising on the home you want!

Check references and qualifications

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Naturally you don’t want to make the biggest purchase of your life the biggest mistake of your life by choosing your homebuilder carelessly. Be sure whomever you select is certified and holds memberships in the appropriate industry organizations, and ask for references from previous customers. The experience and knowledge of a professional is invaluable, and their established connections with subcontractors and suppliers add value as well.

Pick the right neighborhood

Wherever you choose to build, you’ll want to make sure your home is comparable to the other homes in the area. If you build the biggest and best home in the neighborhood, it can be difficult to get your money out of it when you go to sell it.

Specify recycled materials

You’ve likely gotten some inspiration from those homebuilding and remodeling shows on popular networks such as HGTV. One of the tricks these builders and designers use to stay within their strict budget is recycling old materials such as wood, bricks, fixtures, and more, so why not borrow a page from their book and do the same for your home?

Budget fixtures are OK to start

Gold fixtures may look nice, but they will quickly eat up your budget. Keep your fixtures and hardware reasonable for your budget, and if you’d prefer, you can always splurge on these later.

Plan for the future

High-quality materials and low-maintenance design cost a little more up front, but you can make up the difference in a few years’ time, and from there on, enjoy lower recurring costs. Energy-Star, smart devices, and “super-insulation” are just a few examples of options you can select when building your home.

We hope you will put some of these suggestions to good use when beginning the process of building your new home. If you’d like to work with one of the best homebuilders in Lancaster or would like some additional ideas for savings, be sure to send us an email or give us a call at 717-656-7336.