open floor plan showing fireplace with tv mounted above

Open Floor Plan – Good or Bad for the Home?

Open floor plans have received a lot more interest in the last several years, with many places of business experimenting with the Google model of open and fun workplaces. But the open plan may make even more sense for private homes. Results from an NAHB survey of home buyers the last two years have revealed that buyers strongly prefer open floor plans for their homes.

As with most design choices, choosing whether to adopt an open floor plan for your new custom home- or remodeling your existing home and including an open floor design- mostly depends on your family’s preferences.

Today we want to help make your decision a little easier by breaking down the pros and cons of choosing an open floor plan. Follow the helpful guide below to decide if an open floor plan is right for you.

Benefits of an open floor plan

Open floor plans offer several benefits to the homeowner. These include:

  • Opening up the home by eliminating some walls to make areas feel bigger than they actually are. If you have a small space to begin with, you can give it the feel of a much larger space.
  • Making it much easier for everyone to interact without cramming into one room or spreading out throughout the house. This is a clear benefit if you entertain frequently.
  • Easing the task of keeping an eye on young children while doing housework, preparing dinner, or doing other common household chores.
  • Taking advantage of strategically-placed skylights and windows by flooding the home with warm, natural sunlight.
  • Allowing you to get a bit more creative with your spaces. You have the flexibility to design rooms without the burden of extra walls and limited space. Don’t forget our 6 ways to perfect an open floor plan if you’re looking to make the switch.

Limitations of an open floor plan

Before you go knocking down those walls and opening up your home, consider some of the potential downsides of an open floor plan. These include:

  • Heating and cooling an open floor plan can be difficult if you’re focused on specific areas of the home you are active in. This could lead to higher energy costs.
  • Though individual needs vary widely, everyone needs at least some privacy, and an open floor plan does limit opportunities to escape from other family members. Since sound travels easily in an open floor plan, enjoying a good book or talking on the phone can be difficult with a house full of children or pets.
  • If you are a messy person or have children who are, an open floor plan might not be the best option. Open floor plans show everything, so if your home isn’t clean and tidy in one area, that messiness will affect the appearance of your whole home.
  • Limited wall space means you have less area to decorate with artwork. Depending on the sensitivity of the artwork, natural sunlight could damage it as well.

Before you choose an open layout for your new home or remodeling project, be sure to give careful thought to these and other benefits and drawbacks of the open design. Once you decide what is right for you, be sure to give the experts at Norman Graham Builders a call at 656-7336 and we’ll be happy to make your dream a reality!