open floor plan looking from living area to kitchen area

Open-Concept Floor Plans: Not Just Trendy, But Efficient!

The hottest trend right now in home design is the open-concept floor plan. Floor plans with a smooth flow from room to room are extremely popular; some homes have such an open floor plan that there are no walls or doors at all separating the living room, dining room, and kitchen spaces. The use of different color schemes and furniture pieces designate the function of each space instead of separating the spaces with walls.

The greatest aspect of open-concept floor plans isn’t the aesthetic appeal; these floor plans are extremely energy efficient. Today, we want to touch on just a few of the reasons open floor plans are the environmentally friendly way to build a home in this day and age.

Improved Air Circulation

Everyone has experienced temperature discrepancies within their home, with one room feeling warm and stuffy while another is chilly. Walls impede the flow of air in your home. When one room feels different than another, it encourages you to turn on a ceiling fan or even the central air conditioning, wasting energy to cool just one room in the house.

With an open floor plan, there are no walls to block the air circulating in your home. The temperature is able to stay consistent throughout the space, reducing the need for additional fans or space heaters in different rooms. Opening the windows, for example, is much more effective in a house with an open floor plan since the air can circulate freely throughout the entire space, rather than cool one room just to leave another one stuffy.

More Natural Light

Another hinderance that walls create is the lack of natural light flowing through the house. One room might get full sunlight most of the day, while another is in the dark around the clock. This also contributes to uneven warming and cooling in the home.

Open concept floor plans allow natural sunlight to fill the entire open space, warming the house evenly at no cost to you! This is especially beneficial during the cold winter months, when all that extra sunlight means you won’t rely so heavily on your furnace to keep you warm.

Smaller Homes Seem Larger

An unfortunate reality is that walls take up space. If you own a small home, more walls mean less usable space. A small home with an open concept floor plan will feel larger than a home with a bigger footprint, but more walls.

Open concept floor plans allow you to fully utilize every square inch of your home. Your energy bills will also be drastically lower since you’re heating and cooling a smaller space, with the added bonus of increased natural light and improved circulation. If you’re building a custom home, you’ll also save on building materials and enjoy a shorter build time if you opt for a smaller open-concept plan.

Building a custom home is exciting, and we know you want everything to be perfect. Open concept floor plans allow for a speedier build and are some of the most versatile floor plans available. Energy efficiency is key in today’s world, and open floor plans allow for the highest energy efficiency while giving you a beautiful, modern home. Have questions about open floor plans, or can’t wait to get started? Give Norman Graham a call today at 717-656-7336 or send us an email at We look forward to hearing from you!