Now Is The Time To Remodel

One of the best ways to increase the value of your home is through remodeling. Whether you go with a whole house renovation or kitchen, bathroom, basement, or garage renovation, you will typically see a nice return on your investment with each or any. With the resale market still struggling to turn around, it makes more sense economically to wait to sell and/or consider a remodel instead.

Kitchen RemodelWith a home renovation your space will not only look better, but can function better and offer new features as well. Adding a patio or deck, for example, will allow new areas to sit and relax and improve your quality of life. Upgrading doors, windows, and insulation can improve your heating costs and save you money in the long run through improving your homes energy efficiency. Repainting your rooms or upgrading outdated flooring, cabinets, or countertops are all great ways to bring your home out of the 80’s and give it a more modern look and feel.

If you know you want to remodel, then waiting does not make any fiscal sense. Interest rates are low and lenders are competing for anyone with a good credit line. Following the remodel think about refinancing and you could possibly save money on your monthly payment, reduce the rate of the terms, and/or have a lower interest rate if your home’s value has increased.

Even if you plan on selling the home, remodeling now will help your home stand out amongst others in the area. Everyone wants to live in a nice home, and these remodeling projects will set your home apart. Think about when you were shopping for a home. Did you prefer one with outdated paint or shutters, or did you want one with nice landscaping, a nice kitchen, and a finished basement?

Whether reselling or keeping your home, a remodel is a great investment and in today’s market will give a significant boost to the home’s value over time. We take pride in our renovations and if you’d like to see some of our previous work, we encourage you to check out our renovation gallery.