Next, Please! 5 Design Trends That Are Over in 2019

The past decade was one of unique design choices – and boy, did you work hard to make them happen! You spent hours picking apart your Pinterest boards, roamed through the aisles of your favorite home improvement stores, and spent hours slaving over the perfect wall color with matching accent pillows.

Now, it’s a new year. The decade is drawing to a close, and we’re beckoning in a new era of interior design trends. In the coming months and years, we seem to be working our way back to the basics. Simple statement pieces and clean lines are making a comeback, and this time they might be here to stay.

Gallery Wallswall in dining room with numerous framed photos hung

We know, we know – it took FOREVER to nail all 25 of those pictures to your living room walls! Now you’re supposed to take them down? Well, maybe just a few.

The fact of the matter is, you just don’t need a cluttered wall in your main living space. Skip the wall full of little frames in favor of one large, impactful piece of artwork that can be a great talking point rather than a jumble of dusty photo frames.

Overabundant Gray Décor

Cool grays against stark white walls have long been the go-to color palette for flipped homes, and supposedly lend an air of “sophistication” to the space. Well we say, enough!

Now, by no means do we think neutral color palettes are on their way out. However, swapping out those cold, dull grays with warm, sandy taupes and even some pale tans will make your home feel less like a hospital ward and more like a comfortable, inviting space.

Word Art

Somehow, the big honking words mounted along our kitchen walls have survived this long – now it’s time for them to take a backseat. We know that you may be able to “live, laugh, love” with the best of them, but do your guests need to know, too?

Try replacing the cheesy, predictable quotes with pretty canvas prints instead. These hold up in a sun-drenched room and draw the eye nicely, so your home will always look designer instead of drab.

“Blah” Colors and Textures

White walls are great for pops of color, but it starts looking quite sterile after a while. Even if the predominant color in a room is white, who decided that all the shades of white and textures had to be the same? Not us!

Try mixing in unique patterns with furniture and artwork, then throw in a mirror to trick the eye into creating more accents on untouched walls. You can also mix metals (think stainless steel and hammered copper) and supposedly “clashing” colors, such as black and brown, to really shake things up.

Kooky-Colored Accent Wallsbedroom with textured accent wall with interesting lighting

Don’t get us wrong; we still love the idea of breaking up an otherwise dull space. But one saucy red wall seems tired to us, as well as a little desperate. We know you want your “wild” side to come out in your décor, but there are other ways to go about it.

In 2019, we love the idea of a textured wallpaper as an accent. A subtle shift in texture will certainly catch the eye, but won’t smack you in the face. Look for a nice silky or grass cloth wallpaper to add interest and create a unique effect.

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