a remodeled bathroom with walk-in shower

Magic Measurements For Your Next Bathroom

Have you ever thought about why everything in your home or apartment is at just the right height? Here’s why:  the national building and design industry puts forth recommended guidelines that homebuilders like Norman Graham Builders use when building a custom home in Lancaster County.

Today we’d like to share some of these common measurements for a bathroom addition, remodel or renovation. These numbers can be customized to suit the preference of the homeowner, but they’ll give you a starting point for reference, whether you’re performing the work yourself or hiring a professional.

Bathroom Measurements

16-18” – The distance between the center of the toilet and a wall or obstacle.

26” – We’re willing to bet you never thought about this number before, but 26” is the perfect height for toilet paper holders.

30” – This is the starting point for clearance around any bathroom feature, including sinks, toilets, tubs, and vanities.

36” – For walk-in showers, which usually measure 36” x 36.” This means you’ll want at least 36” of clearance in front of the shower for your door to open fully.

36-40” – When using sconces around a vanity, space them 36-40” apart to get the best bathroom lighting when using your mirror.

48” – Hang your towel racks at this height.

60-72” – As you probably can guess, this is eye level range for most adults, and it’s the ideal height for vanity sconces and the bathroom mirror. The center of the mirror should be a couple of inches higher than the tallest person who will use it.

We hope you find these measurements helpful the next time you dive into a bathroom remodeling project. If you’d prefer to leave these measurements to the experts to worry about, give Norman Graham Builders a call at 717-656-7336 or send us an email at office@normanlgraham.com and we’ll be happy to help you get the bathroom of your dreams!