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Luxury Bathroom Remodel (Tier 3)

When it comes to a custom bathroom remodeling project, pricing can vary significantly depending on what you are planning to do and what is most important to your family. We’ve put together a series of blogs to showcase several different ways you can go about a bathroom renovation in your home, and have included a cost range for each. We’ve divided the series into three tiers based on cost, and will describe some of the typical features of each renovation.

luxury walk in showerThe final part of our series features the luxury bathroom remodel. This looks at a bathroom renovation which normally begins at around $30,000 and typically begins with a full gutting of the existing bathroom. As with the mid-range bathroom remodel, you will need to consult with a qualified designer along with a remodeling contractor to assist you in the design and smooth completion of your bath remodel. Be sure to give the experts at Norman Graham Builders a call. We are well respected in both design and construction of award winning projects.

Typical features of a luxury bathroom remodel might include:

  • Expansion of the bathroom space, either through a home addition or expanding into another room.
  • Solid wood custom cabinetry that can withstand the harsh realities of bathroom treatment.

  • High quality fixtures, finishes and plumbing parts (solid brass and polished nickel provide an attractive look that also proves to be durable)
  • Natural marble, granite, or limestone tile all offer a unique, natural look and comes in a wide range of colors
  • Special features not included at the other levels*


*Some special features could include heated floors and towel racks, steam showers, a fireplace, a chromatherapy bathtub, or even a bidet.

Whatever you deem most important then becomes priority for your luxury bathroom remodel, and our team here can help make your dream bathroom come to life. Our team has decades’ worth of experience and is more than happy to help you in your journey! We encourage you to check out some of the bathroom remodels or additions we completed for samples of our work. If you’re interested in a basic remodel or mid-range bathroom remodel you can check out our previous blog through the links provided.