Interior Design “Rules” Meant to be Broken

As far as we’re concerned at Norman Graham, there’s only one interior design rule: you can break almost all the other rules. The beauty of home design lies in its freeform nature – you can do anything you want in your home, as long as you enjoy it.

We want to highlight some of the most commonly admonished styles and explain why you should not only embrace them, but utilize them in your home with no reservations. Your style is uniquely yours, so let it shine!

Old Rule: Don’t Mix Metalsdining room with metal elements incorporated

For decades, one of the biggest no-noes of the design world was mixing metals in your home (and in fashion). We say, go for it! The only cautionary tale we tell is to avoid mixing metals that are almost similar, such as bright stainless steel and brushed nickel. These metals, while great to use separately, are just a little bit too similar to work together – the mix will appear accidental and clash-y, not intentional.

Old Rule: Always Paint Small Spaces Light Colors

The age-old color rule states that small rooms should be painted in light, airy colors to create the illusion of space. However, painting a small room such as a powder room in a darker color can be used to create a sense of depth and trick the eye into not knowing where the wall ends and begins. Just remember to use plenty of light-catching materials like mirrors and metallic pieces with plenty of lighting to ensure a nice warm glow in the room.

Old Rule: Stick to One Wood Finish

Fortunately, the old style of matching bedroom and dining sets died years ago. However, many folks are still wary of mixing wood finishes in the same room. Using different wood tones creates a sense of depth in the room. Just make sure not to forget about hardwood floors as an additional wood dimension, as adding too much overtop can make the room appear a bit too busy.

Old Rule: Don’t Mix Patternstwo chairs with a table in between

The age-old rule in mixing patterns is, simply, DON’T. However, we’re doing away with that rule to enforce a new one: mixing patterns makes for an adventurous, eye-catching room, but proceed with caution. If you’re new to mixing patterns, choose a limited palette at first, such as black and white, to give the patterns a common denominator. As you get more comfortable, start branching into different textures and colors to give the room even more interest.

Design trends come and go every year, but one thing always remains the same: your home’s style is governed by you! It doesn’t matter what the current trends are – if you like a design, then it’s perfect for your home. Ready to put your own unique touch on your home, or get started on a renovation to bring it up to your standards, give the team at Norman Graham Builders a call at 717-656-7336 or visit us online!