Hardwood Flooring How-To: Choosing the Right Wood for Your Home

The temperature is rising, the flowers are blooming, the birds are singing – this can only mean one thing. It’s renovation season! Spring is a great time to clear out the clutter in your home and, while you’re at it, begin some renovations.

Today, we want to talk about one of the most common household renovations – hardwood floors. Not all wood floors are created alike, and we want to break down some of the advantages and features of the most common hardwood floor options.

Oakoak flooring

Oak is one of the most common flooring options around today. It appears in a variety of colors, such as red and white, and has a beautiful open grain that makes it a perfect candidate for staining. Oak is also fairly durable for its price point, as one of the more budget-friendly hardwood options. On the Janka scale (the measurement of the hardness of wood), white oak is slightly more robust than red oak, though both are average on the scale.

Hickoryhickory flooring

Known for its highly pronounced color variation, hickory gives an instantly rustic look to any space. It is one of the most durable woods available for flooring, with a Janka rating of 1820 and high humidity durability. Hickory is ideal for spaces with high foot traffic or coastal settings with lots of humidity and sand wear.

Cherrycherry flooring

Cherry is one of the most beautiful (and expensive) flooring options available for the home. Its beautiful color variation and grain tends to darken and redden over time, giving it an incredible depth of color over the years. However, cherry is extremely soft, with a 950 rating on the Janka scale, so it should be limited to low-traffic rooms and kept covered with rugs. Cherry should also be used in rooms with less exposure to sunlight, as it is particularly sensitive to light and can darken much more quickly if exposed to too much light.

Walnutwalnut flooring

Walnut is one of the most expensive and elite choices for hardwood floors. Its dark, rich color gives a regal appearance, and the well-defined grain patterns create a beautiful effect in flowing, open-concept spaces. Harder than cherry but softer than oak, walnut’s Janka rating is a 1010, meaning it will begin to show wear more quickly than more traditional hardwood options. Walnut is often found in older constructions and requires more maintenance.

Hardwood floors create an air of sophistication and elegance in your home – let us help you find your perfect match today! Give us a call at 717-656-7336 or visit our website to begin a conversation about your home hardwood renovation project. We look forward to hearing from you!