a living room with brick wall

Clever Ideas for Unused Attic Space You’ll Never See Coming

The attic is considered a home’s final frontier. If you’re lucky enough to have a spacious unfinished attic, there are endless possibilities and ideas to turn your unfinished space into your dream room. No matter what you envision, the builders at Norman Graham can design it and bring it to life. Here are just a few ideas of ways you can transform a dull, unfinished attic into the living space you’ve always wanted.

Exercise Room

Anyone who has ever attempted to get into a healthy lifestyle will tell you that the hardest part of going to the gym, is actually leaving your house to go to the gym. What if the gym was in your home? Transforming your attic into a workout space could be the key to maintaining that healthy lifestyle without giving up any other important aspects of your life. With an open concept, you can transform the space into a relaxing Zen garden perfect for yoga or lay heavy-duty floor mats for lifting weights; the choice is yours.

Party Zone

reused attic space with dining table

Forget the exercise and throw a party! Imagine building a custom wet bar and putting your bartending skills to the test. Your attic would become the main attraction for every holiday party. Kick out a portion of the roof for a skylight and let the natural light set the stage for the perfect hangout spot. Plus, show off your vintage record collection and install a sound system to relive the good old days.


Sure, having a living room/play space is fine when the kids are too small for unsupervised playtime. But what do you do with all that banging and yelling once they’re older? Move them upstairs! Turn your attic into the ultimate getaway room. Keep the space open and add pops of color for a fun, playful feel. It’s the perfect size for a kids-only fort, which leaves you open to enjoy adult time in your clean, peaceful living room.

Guest Room

Why should your guests have to crash on an old, uncomfortable futon? Transform your unused attic space into a cozy, serene guest room. Even with a smaller attic space, a good builder can configure the space to leave room for a bed, dresser, and even a private bathroom. Add a skylight for natural light, and your guests will never want to go home!

Designing the perfect attic space for your home and lifestyle is easy. Bringing it to life can present a whole new challenge! Fortunately, there’s someone who can help you take that next step. Whether you’re ready to blow out walls or just looking for some easy ways to freshen up your space, talk to the designers at Norman Graham today to begin creating your brand-new space.