bathroom remodel

Bathroom Remodeling & Renovation FAQ

Updating your home is often an adventure– exciting, but fraught with issues and uncertainties. Choosing a trusted partner is the first step in making the process manageable and even enjoyable.

At Norman Graham Builders, we’ve been building custom homes and performing home renovations and remodeling projects in Lancaster County for many years. We’d like to share some of what we’ve learned.

As you look to escape your dark and dingy bathroom from a previous decade, check out the frequently-asked questions below. Once finished, if you think of anything we didn’t cover, give us a call at 717-656-7336 and we’ll be glad to talk.

What’s the best way to choose a contractor for our bathroom remodel?

Start by researching local companies and getting references from clients they’ve done work for. It’s easy to find reviews online. Some great places to start are:

  • Houzz (We’re rated 4.7/5 stars)
  • Facebook (We’re rated 5/5 stars)

What does a bathroom remodel cost?

Depending on what you want to update, add, or remove, our approach and the effect on your budget will vary widely. We generally break down bathroom remodels into 3 tiers. You can get some interesting detail on these tiers by clicking on the following links:

You can expect a basic bathroom remodel to be less than $10,000, a mid-range bathroom remodel to range from $10,000-$35,000, and luxury bathroom remodel to start at around $30,000.

We encourage you to reach out and discuss your project with us. Sharing your goals, ideas, and budget will help us determine the best plan to achieve the bathroom of your dreams.

How can we save money on a bathroom remodel?

It’s possible to save some money on a bathroom remodel during the material selection phase. If you know what you’re doing, you can also save some money by performing some of the remodeling work yourself (such as demolition). We want to caution however, that without the right expertise, it’s possible you will cause damage that adds to the project’s cost.

How long does a bathroom remodel take?

The length of your renovation project can vary as widely as the budget. Expanding bathroom space or moving plumbing takes more time than just updating fixtures, for example. You’ll receive a project timeline once all the specifics are laid out in a meeting with your design professional.

Do we need any design ideas to start the process?

While it certainly helps to have some idea of what you want the bathroom to look like or what features your family would like to enjoy, these aren’t a prerequisite. If you prefer, our expert team can offer ideas, help you firm up your choices, and come up with a plan of attack.