6 Ways to Perfect an Open Floor Plan

We are finding that businesses aren’t the only place you are seeing a surge of open floor plans these days. A large portion of the remodeling work we do now, whether it’s in the main room, kitchen, or even bathroom, is opening up space and creating a natural flow in the home.

If you’re looking for some of the best-kept secrets to defining spaces in these open floor plans, we’ve put together a list of six of our favorite tricks. By combining several ideas from this list you can create sections of your home that have that appealing look while still maintaining subtly distinct areas.

  • newell dining roomColor – Color is one of the simplest ways to define an area in an open floor plan. With a neutral wall color as the backdrop, you can use accent colors for different section groupings to create several open “rooms” within your space. Our photo here uses an example of a lighter brown area in the dining room with a white kitchen.

  • Flooring Materials – Another quick and easy way to define an area is by mixing up your flooring material. Tiles can help separate a kitchen while carpeting or an area rug can work great for living or dining room spaces.
  • superinsulated dining and living roomGrouping – Grouping furniture is another one of the great ways to create an area in an open floor plan. By grouping furniture together your brain automatically processes that group as a separate area, even before mixing in some of the other tricks listed here. For example, using a table behind a sofa can help differentiate the living room area and the dining space behind it.
  • Lighting – Most interior designers will tell you that lighting is the most important feature in any home interior. Appropriately mixing and matching your lighting features to the rest of your space can tie your whole open floor plan together.
  • Screens – If you want to add some privacy to an area like your entryway, you can add a simple screen. Transparent glass partitions can include textural and visual contrasts which will add some privacy while keeping the open and airy room appeal.
  • horning living roomStructural Elements – Many homes have unique character you can utilize to your advantage. If you have a slightly raised or lowered floor, this can easily help you distinguish between areas. Differences in ceiling height and accent looks can also help clearly define separate areas of the room.


If your home has an open floor plan and you are looking for a better way to define space, we hope using some or all of these suggestions will help you achieve your goal.

If your home doesn’t have an open floor plan and you’d like to make your home more modern, we encourage you to reach out to our team at Norman Graham Builders.