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5 Reasons to Choose a New Home Instead of a Resale

Welcome to our new blog! Here you’ll find up-to-date information and news relevant to potential home buyers, or those considering remodeling or renovating services. If there is anything particular you’d like us to touch on with this blog, or if you have specific questions, feel free to contact us or post a comment below.

Working in Lancaster, PA and the surrounding areas for over 60 years on new home builds, whole house renovations, and custom bathroom, basement, kitchen, and garage remodeling has given us a special brand of experience that allows us to anticipate a lot of our client’s questions. One such question is: should I buy a new home or a resale? Many of our happy customers have asked themselves at one point, and even us, what are some of the best reasons to build a custom home? Wonder no more, as we share five of our top reasons to choose a new home instead of a resale.

  1. It’s Your Home – Working with a custom home builder means you have a stake in your house’s design, as you’re integral in the custom build process. You won’t have to worry about what previous owners changed or did to the inside or outside of the home. Removing that ugly carpet or redoing the musty basement isn’t necessary when you choose a new home. A great feature we offer is 3D rendering of your custom-designed home as it would appear on your lot, which also includes a “walk-through” to help you visualize the interior before it’s ever built.
  2. Location, Location, Location – Finding the perfect home in the right location isn’t a big deal, since you are having your perfect home built in an area of your choosing. The only worry for you is selecting the lot, along with your preferred school district, office, park, or relative you want to be near. A custom home on your preferred lot greatly reduces this worry.
  3. Custom Home ExteriorMaintenance and Efficiency – Appliances and other items that may need upkeep or replacement are also a non-issue when everything is brand new. The benefits of newer items also means they last longer and are more efficient as technology continues to evolve. Energy efficient windows, tightly sealed buildings, and other improvements mean custom homes are leaps and bounds ahead of where they were 50, 20, and even 10 years ago.
  4. Safety – Mold, termites, and even poor wiring are things that you may find in a resale home that could put your family at risk. But looking even beyond these items proves that new homes use the latest technology to offer maximum safety for you and your loved ones. Flame-retardant carpets and curtains, hard wired smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and up-to-date building code regulations allow you to rest easy knowing your home is as safe as it could be.
  5. Warranty – Since everything is new, you receive the benefit of having warranties that are active in the event that something would break or need to be replaced. These warranties cover everything from the appliances to the home itself! Norman L. Graham Inc. offers a limited one year warranty on cosmetic issues within your home, which are caused by the first year’s heating and cooling cycles.

If you’re considering a new home in Lancaster, and have any questions about having a custom built home, our experts would be happy to help. Come see what the award winning team at Norman L. Graham can do for you!