A new custom home in Lancaster PA

4 Hidden Benefits of a Custom Home Build

If you’re stuck deciding whether or not to go through with building your own custom home, we thought we’d share five more reasons you likely have not considered yet in choosing to build a new custom home with the experts here at Norman L. Graham. By now we’re sure you’ve compiled a list of pros and cons outlining some of the most common reasons people decide whether to build new or go with a resale. Your “pros” list likely mirrors some of the thoughts we introduced in our first blog on our website as to why you should choose a new home. This is a great list to get started with, but we’d be willing to bet you haven’t considered a few of these lesser-known benefits below. Be sure to add these as well if any are missing from your list.

  • The latest technology & innovations – Homes that are 30, 20, and even 10 years old are much different from those being built today. Who could’ve predicted that’d we’d need so many outlets? Whether it’s your phone, your clock, your light, or any other device that you may need to charge or plug in, these old homes do not offer the flexibility to accommodate all these different devices. Custom homes naturally include more outlets, but also offer the flexibility to add other technologically advanced features like “smart” or energy efficient devices, built in security systems, structured wiring and other useful features.
  • EAn open kitchen layoutasier entertainment – Older homes tend to be more closed off than newer homes. Hosting parties was often difficult if you had to balance cooking and entertaining. With a new custom built home you typically find larger, more open spaces that naturally flow together and make these large dinner parties a breeze.
  • The landscape is custom to you – Not only is your home custom but your landscape will be as well. Rather than inheriting whatever the previous homeowner leaves to you in regards to landscaping and hardscaping, you get to pour your personality into the outside of the home. Go simple and maintenance free or build the garden of your dreams!
  • Community Building – Typically you’ll be joining a new community when you choose a new custom-built home. There’s no feeling of being the “new neighbors” since everyone else who is nearby will be in the same boat as you. Host a block party or community picnic and get to know the other homeowners who will be your neighbors for the next chapter of your life.

If this list sounds attractive to you and you’re looking for a custom homebuilder in the Lancaster, PA and surrounding areas, be sure to give us a call today at 717-656-7336! Of course if you have any questions we’ll be happy to answer these as well.