Home exterior with wrap-around porch

3 Tips for Front Porch Design from the Experts

As the old English proverb goes, “First impressions are the most lasting.” This would help explain why when you look at one of the new home exteriors built by our team at Norman Graham Builders you can tell how much thought and effort was put into the front porch design.

Your front porch is where your home’s first impression is made. Not only should your front porch fit the architectural tradition or style of the home but it also can provide protection from the sun or outdoor elements for you and your guests.

If you haven’t been blessed with a front porch you can be proud of the good news is we can help! We’ve assembled a list of three professional tips that we’ve put to use in some of the Norman Graham Builders homes and you could replicate on your own remodeling project. Of course if you run into any problems or would like an experienced team of experts to help you complete the porch redesign project, don’t hesitate to contact us.

  1. Aim for a porch depth of at least 6 foot at a minimum while keeping in mind 8 feet is ideal. If space and budget allows and you want to create separate living areas to entertain or enjoy, you can choose to go with a 10 foot porch depth.
  2. Home exterior with porchIf you have a corner lot a wrap-around porch is a perfect choice. Not only does a wrap-around porch provide you with the option of both community and privacy, but you can also move to the other side of the house depending on what the weather dictates. A cool fall day is nice to sit in the sun and enjoy its warmth, whereas a warm summer day you’d likely prefer to enjoy the shade.
  3. Planning on adding some architectural style or flair? We’d advise you to seek professional advice as to what materials or details would naturally fit with your homes’ unique architectural style. Columns, porch beams, floor level, overhangs and other details require an experienced designer to ensure a proper fit with the rest of your home.

When renovating your front porch you must keep in mind the rest of your home’s style. Your home’s first impression can be stunning simply by keeping these tips in mind. Stone tiles, elegant porch beams, and skylights can all look great, but they need to look great for your home. Need help? We’re just a phone call away.