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A luxury new home in lancaster PA.

About Us

We can honestly say that
building with Norman L. Graham
was a smooth and painless process.

As a Lancaster County custom builder, our job assignment is to create exactly the home that you envision, one that’s unlike any other.

Some of the new homes of Lancaster PA

Unlike many builders whose goal is to mass-produce look-alike homes in record time, we don’t build every house from the same set of blueprints. In fact, when we sit down and talk with you, we don’t try to steer you toward a standard set of designs. We turn your ideas into the home that you want. We listen to you, and we give you our complete attention.

Houses are plentiful, but the custom home and outdoor living area that match your lifestyle don’t yet exist. When you’re ready to turn your vision into bricks, mortar, and smiles, give us a call. We’ll sit down and listen to your ideas, and then we’ll create the plans for the custom home that will surround you with comfort and happiness.


The True Meaning Of Custom Homes

 lancaster county homes and interiors

A Custom home is one built to order for a particular customer, and that’s the only kind that Norman Graham Builders constructs.

Some homebuilders try to serve 2 totally different markets – custom home buyers and the buyers of homes constructed without a particular buyer in mind. Norman Graham Builders is not one of those builders.

Instead, we meet the demand for custom homes exclusively, and we focus on personalized service. That’s why we build only 8 or 10 new homes a year.

Anyone can say, "We’re totally committed to customer service." It's much harder to limit the number of Lancaster County custom homes that we build so that we can give our complete attention to each home and to the clients of each home.

When you build your own home, every detail is a big detail. From the millwork to the painting to the stonework to the insulation, every detail receives our full attention.

And so do you. Our mission is to build the home that you want, and that means listening and working closely with you. The entire process flows seamlessly for our customers because of the dedication of every member of the Norman Graham Builders team.

“I'll meet clients in the evening when necessary, but generally we all work from 6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. This is a church and family-oriented group. Our employees are actively involved in their churches as well as various other community organizations.”
- Gerald Graham