Next, Please! 5 Design Trends That Are Over in 2019

The past decade was one of unique design choices – and boy, did you work hard to make them happen! You spent hours picking apart your Pinterest boards, roamed through the aisles of your favorite home improvement stores, and spent hours slaving over the perfect wall color with matching accent pillows.

Now, it’s a new year. The decade is drawing to a close, and we’re beckoning in a new era of interior design trends. In the coming months and years, we seem to be working our way back to the basics. Simple statement pieces and clean lines are making a comeback, and this time they might be here to stay. Continue reading

mediterranean home interior

Home Designs That Will Always Be in Style

Whether you’re designing a brand-new home or simply updating your current space, the design you choose is an essential component of potential resale value. It’s important to choose flooring, countertops, and other more permanent design aspects based on what potential homebuyers are looking for.

Many home design trends come and go over the years, but there are some that will always be sought-after. Today, we wanted to highlight some of the best home design trends that are designed to last for years to come; these designs are sure to boost your home’s resale value and will be enjoyed by any potential buyer. Continue reading

Upcoming Home Trends: What’s In, and What’s Out

Home décor and design varies from year to year. Styles, colors, and trends come and go constantly; if you’re looking to redesign or upgrade your home in the next year, you should know what styles are here to stay. At Norman Graham, we like to stay up-to-date on what’s trending in the design world so that you get the home you’ve always dreamed of. Continue reading

open floor plan looking from living area to kitchen area

Open-Concept Floor Plans: Not Just Trendy, But Efficient!

The hottest trend right now in home design is the open-concept floor plan. Floor plans with a smooth flow from room to room are extremely popular; some homes have such an open floor plan that there are no walls or doors at all separating the living room, dining room, and kitchen spaces. The use of different color schemes and furniture pieces designate the function of each space instead of separating the spaces with walls. Continue reading

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Clever Ideas for Unused Attic Space You’ll Never See Coming

The attic is considered a home’s final frontier. If you’re lucky enough to have a spacious unfinished attic, there are endless possibilities and ideas to turn your unfinished space into your dream room. No matter what you envision, the builders at Norman Graham can design it and bring it to life. Here are just a few ideas of ways you can transform a dull, unfinished attic into the living space you’ve always wanted. Continue reading

a broken brick wall revealing another brick wall

Expensive Home Repairs & How to Avoid Them (Part 2)

In part 1 of this blog series, we covered three expensive home repairs and ways to prevent them: fire damage, foundation damage, and plumbing issues. Today we finish with three more home repairs that are a headache to experience: roof damage, termite damage, and water damage. These are all crippling home repairs for a budget, so here are some tips to keep your home (and finances) on track. Continue reading

four paint rollers on a wall in different colors

How Room Color Can Affect Your Mood

Have you ever walked into a room and wondered why your mood changed? Maybe you walked in feeling anxious or stressed, only to feel relaxed when you sit down on the couch. A likely cause could be the color of the walls. Here’s a helpful guide to learn what colors to use when painting your home, and what colors to avoid. Continue reading

cracked foundation

Expensive Home Repairs & How to Avoid Them (Part 1)

Your home is likely your most expensive investment, so you should be doing everything in your power to protect it. Home repairs can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand (or more).

The good news is that there are many steps you can take to prevent some of these home repairs. Today we begin a two-part series on expensive home repairs and how to avoid them; you may even be inspired to begin shielding your own home from these common problems with a few simple steps. Continue reading

window condensation

Moisture on your Windows?

With strong summer storms rolling through the central PA area, large temperature swings can follow. Once the outdoor temperature drops and the indoor temperature in your home stays high, you may start to notice moisture on your windows.

Fortunately, this doesn’t always mean something is wrong. When it comes to window condensation, you’ll want to look at several different variables that could be contributing to your condensation issue. Sometimes condensation can even be a good sign, proving that your windows are performing very effectively.

Use the helpful guide below to determine whether your window condensation indicates a problem. Continue reading

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Modular Home Drawbacks

With the rising cost of home ownership, everyone is exploring ways to save on their new home. You hear a lot about the tiny home trend these days, although their numbers are relatively few and places to put them are limited. A much more commonly considered option is the modular, or prefabricated, home. Are modular homes a good way to get the most for your money on housing? Let’s take a look at a few things you should consider.

What is a modular home?

A modular or prefab home is partially built in a factory. The home arrives in modules, or panels, at your location, and is assembled at the site. Because of this, modular homes are typically built fairly quickly. They are offered in a range of designs and styles to suit buyer tastes. Continue reading